الأحد، 7 يونيو 2015

Shame veneered

Shame veneered:

Wedding parties welcome all the well wishers and faithful friends, that what I thought for a while till this happen with me. An expat colleague and a wonderful friend of mine invited me to his wedding, it was their custom to invite families and only close friends, it was a beautiful set up of an event as I was told by another friend who attended it, you must be asking does that mean I did not go? Yes unfortunately I preferred not to attend it, I will let you know why. 
It's my disposition not to socialize a lot that saved my face from being with guests who do not respect their host. Some senior and other junior staff of our organization came without bringing their families with them! I was told that some has brought other guests as well who were not on the list of the invited, only the expats were noble enough to come with their families and do all that a decent friend will do in a wedding of another colleague. 
My people the local staff or the Omanis who attended do deserve the title "Nation of Starers" to the letter, they came sans their wives to stare at women and enjoy every gaze they can get with wishful bawdy thinking, I'm not fabricating all this, I was told about how annoyed was the host about such unfaithful few, the next day at work I heard those womanizers talk about the party and send out their innuendoes freely without a tincture of respect or fear of any kind. Learning about their behavior and hearing the next day their absurdities I recalled the idiom of the wild ass in the wilderness "sniffing up the wind at her pleasure" they were absolutely like it, how can a decent well-wisher be a libertine instead?!. 
One of the seniors laughed when he was asked why did he not bring his wife along with him and said "I do not bring my wife to such places"!, do you believe that?! A total disrespect and derision for people. When a senior thinks and behaves like that what you expect from his management. Don't tell me he said that in jest, people do matter and their things too. 
Not socializing doesn't mean I'm prudish but I have an innate self that manages my emotions and respects all kinds of people even the assholes but the imbeciles won't know the grandeur of decorum with all the academic degrees they nominally hold. 
Confucius would have included something in his analects about those "wild asses" if he was introduced to such people at his time, but the golden rule will remain forever a yardstick in making and assessing relationships, Do unto others as thou want others to do unto thee, there Confucius and the whole realm of manners live, without them shame is veneered to look nice. 



الثلاثاء، 2 يونيو 2015

Be thou holy & profane!

Be thou Holy & Profane!:

Drift away in day dream distraction I saw my lingering esse 
trying to rest when distractors beckoning the whole day,
Holy thy names my masters, Holy thy names!
Thou art holy for me to fear ye and stand away chanting thy holy names O' masters!
Forgive my trespassing, my wrong judgement of people, of great and little things, my little affrays!
Forgive me I'm not but a passer fearing the tempest to play!
I can't be but am, forgive me for being am, what am is good for if not to let you enjoy the lull, cry for the dull, and debunk the phony pray
Let me then guide you, let me deceive you while you knowing it
Let us smartly play with holy names which ain't holy, methinks you know them already, they're the one seizing the biggest tray
All the day long, are you watching them ? Can you dare to say "damn ye" without stuttering out of fear? 
Never let them bless you, their blessings from Hades got to come, amortized with no fun, you in full have to pay every day of your doubtful life!
There I learnt but one thing! Be thou holy & profane!!

السبت، 30 مايو 2015

The bane of good news!

The bane of good news:

Why some good news are miserable to others? UK authorities apprehended Omani ladies for trying to circumcise their daughters, to many that was good news but the majority back here are so upset and they call it "the stark infidel west involvement into our Islamic traditions of chastity", long definition of the current situation? there is more! Impurities must be cleaned and the cleaning process has to be clandestine. 
FGM is believed to clear the impurities of the girl child and take off the demons of sexual licentiousness in them, the practitioners of this secret ritual of purification believe that the clit is the devil's ground for lasciviousness, no girl is a good girl without the circumcision of the clit, all uncircumcised girls will lead a whorish life and dishonor their families, a full grown clit is un-Islamic thus it is an abomination in the sight of God and his holy nation! If that is so then why uncountable circumcised women are immoral? Why the purification cutting didn't work for them? How the long forbearing tradition did not bridle their demons of lasciviousness? Something is absolutely wrong! 
Pro-FGM are losing against sound reasoning but that won't stop their absurdities, they still wage their holy war on clits! 
Only a law that strictly prohibits the ugly practice would bring the seeked end, why then it is not issued? The diffident government is the reason. Our government is so puritanized that it gets shocked at the mentioning of FGM, totally indifferent to it, thwarting each and every attempt to issue such a law or even addressing it. If my deductions are untrue then why don't they step up and speak unbiasedly about it. They may not yet have the temerity to come out in full swing and confess the truth we all awaiting. An ocean of superstitious mumpsimuses here do believe that clits are susceptible to arousal while the uncircumcised walk or run! see to what extent their miserable conviction has reached. 
I'm happy that those ladies were arrested and I hope they will stand trial if not for the indulgence of the Omani diplomacy which covers up when things should be exposed for the public interest claiming the old governmental platitude "Omani Unique Privacy".
Our authorities should shed all the baloney encompassing FGM and be brave enough to promulgate strict law against it for there is no development in keeping superstitions in control of our decision-making. 

الأحد، 24 مايو 2015

Statesmen don't sit?!

Statesmen don't sit?!:

It happened to be in Tunisia, a famous journalist Aziz Amami who happened to be in the opposition was apprehended after the police stashed drugs in his car to catch him redhanded and muffle his pen for a long period, that was their goal, searching for free liberal journals and send them to prison in a well planned setup, frightening isn't it?! To be framed by those whom you expect to rescue you, well that's the situation in most Arab countries, the security clout works against free speech and liberal journalists in many unthinkable ways. Let me tell you what happened with Aziz in the court of someone's law, not the law of the nation but the law of those who see themselves the whole nation, yes there are many of them in every division, you hold the accounts I'm not here to count them all but to show how ingenious they are! 
A police officer sat with Aziz trying to persuade him with something, I believe he was trying to make him compromise on his principles and what he believes to be immutable, Aziz was hearkening very well to what the officer was saying then suddenly the officer stood up without a motive and said "Statesmen don't sit"! 
What was the officer thinking of when he said that? It's anything but unjustifiable! We would not have heard of this hilarious statement if not for the free journalism of new Tunisia, journalists are the true north for any healthy community and without a free press we can not claim freedom of speech, you may have heard ludicrous statements from some statesmen but nothing so ridiculous like "Statesmen don't sit"! Let us analyze this unique expression, let us act as if we are in his rotten shoes! 
The expression is very patronizing, an officer recalling the presence of his rank and uniform or office if he is a civic statesman to restore his true egotistical self indicting a common man who has nothing to boast off except his honest pen if that deserve a boast of any kind- many in the realm of glamorous press would do!- it's the illusion of ultimate power that drove him to thunder his words at the most unliked journalist who happened to say the truth only and defend the right of the people to know what's happening around them, we have the right to know especially when the authorities are running the gauntlet trying to prevent us from the right information. 
Aziz in his sarcastic serene intonation responded " you are a servant of the people and when we the people sit you have to sit as well" thunder with heavy lightening the reply was, Aziz's personality is truly a universal one, No one does have the might or the logic to stop you from expressing your voice as you like it. We need the same resolution & decisiveness of Aziz those days, why we can't write honestly about the stranding projects we see daily, paved roads demolished to be reconstructed then when it's over it's not over, they will be re-routed and reconstructed to be the dancing roads, drive on them to feel how dancing they are, humps hither and thither! Where you want them and where you not expecting them to be on main roads. Bridges are another story here in Salalah, you can write thousands of Arabian nights before they are in full shape, no statesman is held accountable for water shortage in north parts of Oman, no statesman will tender his or her resignation when it's time to step down! What you expect when people are left out of the loop in matters of national concerns? 
I don't trust our shura council to redress all that or act of true valor like that of Tunisian journalists. 
Statesmen & women should not curry favors on the account of the people, I'm fed up as would others like me fed up with the bombastic speeches thrown at us to think everything is OK, nothing is OK and we must let free press work as the referee between us the denizens of this land and those who patronize because of their highly-blown offices. 
When journalists work like courtesans then we must expect more rascalities than legitimacies.  

الثلاثاء، 19 مايو 2015

I believe!

I believe:

I believe you have more to give
I believe in no more hesitations
Stretch your mind and heart before it,
I believe hearts can do all!
Yes, I'm talking to you hearts! The God's dwelling is in you
You can accommodate the whole world in you
I believe your vastness greater than universe,
I never believed in your shallowness though you can be mean
You can anoint the non anointed, you can hate and stop breathe
I believe you have more than that
You are the abode of all belief,
No river overtakes you, how can they run without your consent
You are the waters the trees and life, you are the way of all truth
You are the saint within and the devil on portals of Eden 
Agathocacogical your Master has made you, that's why you hesitate!
But don't do that! you can truly change the core
I believe you are an Almighty straight from the heavens and humble than a squeaking door!
That's how you accommodate us all!!

الاثنين، 11 مايو 2015

Your Ballot Your Voice?

You may have heard of the "Your ballot Your voice" campaign, meant to edify the public on the importance of casting their ballots where they see the opportunities for change and betterment of living conditions! That's a short description of how you are expected to see it, the objectives set deserve pomp and ceremony treatment and that's something the organizers excel at lavishly, the moment a "call of duty" is whistled high all the DDs-Daggerred Dignitaries- dash with their decorated goads to curb the first rows and be ready to seize the attention of the panning cameras. I'm against no one but the repetition of patriotic slogans for the sake of repetition only, the panning cameras must hear them even when they don't have ears just broadcast live the appearance of "hidden and known" national sentiments to persuade you the most kind viewers into accepting the status quo and deem it the "twisted" change you were waiting for! 
By God I'm not against any! I'm just wondering what we have benefitted from this "council of Pomp & Ceremonies"?! No serious questionings, advising and not legislating, mild to anodyne issues' discussions, righteousness issues, patronized by the council of state and so on, then comes this campaign to tell us how far we as a nation have achieved a "great great leap" towards DEMOCRACY!! 
My message to the campaigners all over the country "CONTINUE THE UNCTUOUSNESS" 

الأحد، 3 مايو 2015

In search for my heart

In search for my heart:

I'm an unspoiled brat, a born again child whom time has forgotten to set off his life clock thus didn't grow up to raise a heart. Heartless I was brought to this world and heartless I carried it out till these ephemeral moments. My father was a kind but cruel man who used his cruelty to show how fatherly he was, beating me since the day I started recognizing the world around me, he wanted me to be as callous as he was so I don't get sentimental when life pierces through flesh and bones. When he is not beating me or teaching me how fierce my countenance should look, he relates the heroism of his days back in military, he served in al Shariqa UAE army and his unique military ID was 1845 a corporal under the leadership of Major Willson a veteran Britisher from Her Majesty army who served in The Gulf region that time, that's what I could recollect from memory. I'm sure about his ID number but the name of his commander I'm not quite sure, my father was so proud to work with a veteran British soldier in Shariqa, never a day passes without a portion of his epic soldiery was related to the household. My mother used to nod and smile only when my father's intonation rises in pride telling us the number of bullets which went through the same targeted mark at 600 meters distance from the shooting yard. You can say he was a very good sniper and blood thirsty loose canon welcoming any chance for war. He was a delinquent at camp too, never obeys orders but listens only to his commander, Mr Willson was after him not be court marshaled  many times. 
According to my father he was a military beast and he wielded it on al jabal al akhdhar's battle against the troops of Talib & Ghalib the well-known rebels' leaders against Sultan Said bin Taimoor. UAE was part of Oman those days. Killing killing was everywhere but not a single tear to shed on the great loses from both sides, believe me I wasn't proud of what my father did, a killing machine an expendable pawn in a war that wasn't his. The irony of fate happens to all, my father who fought the rebels became one of them in Dhofar later on before his seven years incarceration in Ghalali fort jail, the brutal soldier was tamed finally.
If I have to tell you all his heroic stories I want finish this article but let me tell you how a tamed fierce soldier begat a son who in spite of all the beatings and coercion to be in the image of my father I remained a child a gullible innocent child but void of heart, he managed to take with him the soul resided once in my heart but I kept everything else. 
I have not fallen in love with any girl because of this missing heart, I'm not able to socialize the way people do because of it, I can't speak in public, I can't do any leading task for my heart is not with me, frustration & solitude make me coil and hide when everyone else is getting exposed to the light refreshing breezes of the outside, I like to stare at shelves of books and feeling great discomfort when someone comes along my way, please don't misunderstand me! I'm pushing the hell on myself to socialize but I'm not able yet to forget 1845 the soldier who eviscerated my heart.
Now is now, regrets won't change the man I am now, but methinks I need another lifetime to grow in a more balanced upbringing.
If any of you read this and happen to come across my unpalatable life please don't hesitate to say Hi and tell me I'm normal enough to be talked to, you may fill in the emptiness on the left side of my chest by the goodness in you! 

The son of the soldier 1845, Sharqa Army. May his soul rest in peace.